The Robotmade Maria and Rotwang (at the right)


Maria explaining the tower of babel

Maria also known as the kindhearted girl. Maria appears on the scene where the underground workers proceed to a small chapel. Maria explains the Tower Of Babel by the past years. Maria had found a mediator. The mediator is Freder. Maria had found Freder. One time Maria runs away because Rotwang chases her. Until Rotwang catches Maria. Maria felt asleep and sent to rotwang lab to transform her body to the robot made by rotwang. The Maria robot made is very naughty because she was ritualling or dancing of the 7 deadly sins. The 7 Deadly Sins awakens. At the end the maria robot has burnt and restore back to a robot. The real maria is in trouble. It's up to freder to rescue her.

At the last part Maria and Freder are Married.